The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch: Season Three, Episodes 22-23

We’re rewatching all of Dawson’s Creek in honor of its twentieth anniversary. Will require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here.

Season Three, Episode 22 “The Anti-Prom”

By Janes

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Okay, yes, we’re going to get to the good stuff: True Love, the first gay kiss on network television, the cry face… but first–it’s the first prom episode of the series, guys!

Like actual proms, prom episodes are hotbeds for drama and hormonal teen hijinks (especially since they fortuitously happen in spring, right before the season finale), but also tend to be a little bit of a letdown. But among its many accomplishments, Dawson’s Creek can boast not one, but two classic prom episodes during its run, starting with the ultra-romantic, wonderfully melodramatic “The Anti-Prom.” Continue reading →