Gilmore Girls

Rory’s Boyfriends: The Patented Rory Gilmore Pro-Con List Who was the least-worst? How many points does Jess lose for that thing in Kyle’s bedroom? Can Dean pull ahead by virtue of being tall and changing a mean water bottle? Read for the final verdict.

The Best Gilmore Girls Episodes of All Time (Until the Revival [Maybe]) From “Cinnamon’s Wake” to “Farewell, My Pet,” the funniest, cutest, most moving, and most creative episodes of Gilmore Girls: Original Flavor.

In Seven Seasons, Gilmore Girls Never Said the Word “Abortion” And that’s SUPER WEIRD. Just think about how many unexpected pregnancies there actually were on that show.

All the Trump References From Gilmore Girls, Ranked By How Awkward They Sound Now Five Trump jokes, and, for good measure, one Hillary-for-President joke. Read if you want to shed a tear for the naivete of the Gilmore Girls writers, who never imagined they were making jokes about the man who may or may not destroy this country, and of the post’s author, who never dreamed he’d really get elected.

Lorelai and Rory Were Geniuses for Going to Luke’s Every Morning Janes visited a pop-up Luke’s and it was amazing.