Halloween Read: Death with Interruptions, by Jose Saramago

Bewildered, confused, distraught, struggling to control their feelings of nausea, the firement extracted from the mangled remains wretched human bodies that, according to the mathematical logic of the collisions, should have been well and truly dead, but which, despite the seriousness of the injuries and lesions suffered, remained alive and were carried off to hospital, accompanied by the shrill sound of the ambulance sirens.

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Homeland Recap 5×04: “Why Is This Night Different?”

If Homeland functions as a spy thriller, an in-depth character study, a critique of post-9/11 paranoia and the War on Terror, and occasionally a smushy star-crossed love story, this episode had the high-octane, 24-esque element back in full force (and maybe a tiny bit of the bathetic romance as well).


No, I don’t mean these two.

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The Affair 2×02: When a Destitute Man Meets a Lifetime Movie Villain


We open on Alison waking up alone in Noah’s bed, right after her perspective is introduced as “Part Three,” which establishes this episode as a direct companion to the premiere. I wonder if this season will continue to tell four-part narratives, or whether some stories will only be told from two characters’ perspectives. In spite of the lackluster quality of this episode, I thought exploring this day from four different viewpoints allowed for richer and more challenging storytelling, especially since several scenes in this episode dropped hints about whether Noah or Helen’s accounts were closer to the truth (hint: it’s literally never Noah), but we’ll get to that.

Waking up alone is never symbolic of anything good, let's just put it that way.

Waking up alone is never symbolic of anything good, let’s just put it that way.

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