TV shows we used to recap or write about but don’t anymore.

Braindead – I loved this one, but it only made it through one season.

Designated Survivor – This one’s still going, somehow, but even making fun of it didn’t make it entertaining enough to keep watching.

Dietland – Fabulous show, but Nerdy Spice couldn’t keep up the advice-column format she was using. Whoops!

Dynasty – For a show that revolved around crime, sex, and outfits, it was surprisingly boring.

The Good Wife – Ended after seven remarkable seasons (of which we recapped the last one).

The Mindy Project – We loved it to the end but couldn’t keep up with the recaps.

Nashville – We hung on bravely until Rayna’s death, which was too much even for our love of country music to stomach.

Westworld – Way too much going on to recap this one, but hey, it was fun to make fun of while it lasted.