The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch

We’re rewatching all of Dawson’s Creek in honor of its twentieth anniversary.

Kickoff: We establish the rules of the drinking game.

Update: More rules for season 2.

Season 1

Episodes 1-3: Boy meets girl, boy stalks girl at dance, boy kisses girl.

Episodes 4-6: Cheaters never prosper.

Episodes 7-9: All-day detention brings out some truths, all of which are promptly ignored.

Episodes 10-13: Snails, kisses, and prison visits.

Season 2

Episodes 1-3: Boy kisses girl, boy spies on girl: Happily ever after Creek-style.

Episodes 4-6: Girl is tired of boy, girl kisses other boy, girl dumps boy at school dance.

Episodes 7-9: Jen’s Downward Spiral continues, and Andie embarks on one of her own.

Episodes 10-12: Everyone talks about sex but never actually has it, as is the Dawson’s way.

Episodes 13-15: Jack’s big secret is revealed in a stellar two-parter.

Episodes 16-18: The big reconciliation.

Episodes 19-20: A funeral and a not-very-French, not-very-farcical farce.

Episodes 21-22: An episode about changing where nothing changes and the “I don’t want to know you” heard ’round the world.

Season 3

Episodes 1-3: Girl meets boy, girl loses boy… girl finds herself on a moonlit dock with boy’s best friend.

Episodes 4-6: MORE Eve. Ugh.

Episodes 7-9: Pacey and Joey dance, and… who cares what else happens?

Episodes 10-12: Pacey realizes he has a crush.

Episodes 13-15: Joey dates a college boy and pretends not to know about Pacey’s crush.

Episodes 16-18: IT’S HAPPENING.

Episodes 19-21: Pacey and Joey have Ruined Everything.

Episodes 22-23: Pacey and Joey sail off into the sunset.

Season 4

Episodes 1-3: People are SO not over What Happened Last Spring.

Episodes 4-6: Speaking of downward spirals…

Episodes 7-9: Good-bye Andie, hello Dawson-and-Gretchen.

Episodes 10-12: The triangle becomes a quadrangle.

Episodes 13-15: Joey is terrified of sex, has sex, lies about having sex.

Episodes 16-18: Everyone but Pacey gets into college.

Episodes 19-21: Three couples board a PromBoat and only one survives.

Episodes 22-23: Everyone graduates, and some people regress. Hard.

Season 5

Episodes 1-3: Dawson and Joey’s first Grand Good-bye of the season, and Mitch’s Last Scoop.

Episodes 4-6: All clouds have a silver lining: Mitch’s silly death results in the return of Drunk Dawson.

Episodes 7-9: Jen finally relieves Dawson of his least prized possession.

Episodes 10-12: The One Where Joey Finds Out.

Episodes 13-15: Never go to a second location with your creepy professor… or a mugger.

Episodes 16-18: Joey sings again. You know you love it.

Episodes 19-21: More Grand Good-byes.

Episodes 22-23: AND MORE.

Season 6

Episodes 1-3: Certain tensions come to a limp climax.

Episodes 4-6: Joey, Eddie, and their creepy professor continue their awkward hate triangle.

Episodes 7-9: Joey and Eddie seal the deal.

Episodes 10-12: Audrey’s Downward Spiral hurtles further downward.

Episodes 13-15: It’s the long-awaited return of our two favorite things: Drunk Joey, and Pacey-and-Joey.

Episodes 16-18: Joey makes a lot of very bad choices.

Episodes 19-21: Pacey ruined everything. Again.

Episodes 22-24: Joey makes her final choice, and all is right with the world–though one poor lonely-hearted woman had to sacrifice her life for the cause.

Final thoughts: We still really like Pacey.