The 100


3×01 “Wanheda Part 1”: Clarke tries to escape her body-littered past, Jaha becomes a pod person, and Jasper does his best spiraling-Finn impression

3×02 “Wanheda Part 2”: Clarke goes toe-to-toe with her kidnapper (and possible love interest), Roan, while Pike proves himself to be the worst

3×03 “Ye Who Enter Here”: Clarke tries to kill Lexa, Gina gets fridged, and everyone gets blown up

3×04 “Watch the Thrones”: The Ice Queen makes her move, Lexa and Roan fight to the death, and Pike seeks revenge against the Grounders

3×07 “Thirteen”: The shot heard round the fandom kills one of our favorite characters

3×08 “Terms and Conditions”: The 100 tries to redeem Bellamy–with decidedly mixed results

3×09 “Stealing Fire”: Another day, another controversial death on The 100

3×15 “Perverse Instantiation part 1”: Clarke terrifies us with her mettle–again