Oscars 2016

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ROOM‘s Metamorphosis from Feminist Critique to Oscar-fied Inspiration Porn

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing that the Oscars love more than that saccharine ‘triumph of the human spirit’ nonsense. The film adaptation has much to recommend it: it’s devastatingly well-acted, and like the book, it steers clear of prurience and sensationalism. But in the course of its Oscarfication, the film was transformed from a defiant, challenging critique to a complacent, sometimes cloying trifle.”

88 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Revenant

“So… there really aren’t any women in this movie?”

The Ethics of The Game: How The Big Short Can Teach Us to Appreciate Mockingjay

“When a film is casting Christian Bale and Brad Pitt to play its “truth-seeing” bankers… it’s not trying very hard to repulse its audience, is it? Our heroes, the people we truly admire in this country, aren’t the ones who try to stop the financial sector from making money for rich people out of the struggles of the poor; they’re the ones who are better at it. The ones who make it sexy.”

Dakota Johnson Should Have Been an Oscar Contender for Fifty Shades of Grey

“Dakota Johnson’s Razzie is not only unwarranted, it’s a little absurd. If anything, she should have been in contention for a Best Actress nomination at the Oscars this year, because it’s hard to be that good in such a fucking abominable movie. Hell, it’s probably harder to be decent in a bad movie than it is to be great in a good one.”