The Good Wife Recap: 7×10 “KSR”

I decided to recap the season finale before catching up on episode 9 of this season. Even though I think it shows the same fragmentation between Alicia’s storylines and those of the lawyers who were once her colleagues, Diane and Cary, it was a pretty great episode—and, I hope, it will be pivotal for Alicia’s character.

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Homeland Recap: 5×09 “The Litvinov Ruse”

We open with the longest “Previously”s known to man which, as kht rightly complained last week, hammers the “Banana Joe’s” reveal into our heads so hard I now have a concussion. Last week, Allison says Banana Joe’s has the best daiquiris. Carrie sees the bar Banana Joe’s in a picture of Ahmed. She hears Allison say Banana Joe’s has the best daiquiris in voiceover, in case we didn’t just hear it one goddamn minute ago. Okay, okay, Banana Joe’s is important. WE GET IT NOW.

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Homeland Recap: 5×08 “All About Allison”


I will start by saying I did not have high hopes for this episode. I mean, it’s like going into a Gilmore Girls episode that is named “All About Digger.” Or an Affair episode named “All About Noah.” Like, is my entire recap just going to be, “Shut up, Allison”?

And this turned out to be a fairly boring episode, but learning more about Allison was actually useful and enjoyable.

homeland 508 allison


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Emily Dickinson, Zen Buddhism, and Finding Harmony in Dichotomy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Paradox

In his first letter to a young poet, Rainer Maria Rilke mused, “Things aren’t all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered.” He finds himself confronted with the paradox inherent to most poetry, namely that it aims to express the inexpressible. Continue reading →

The Good Wife Recap: 7×08 “Restraint”

TV has been a bit too topical lately, hasn’t it? This was another episode that I wasn’t sure it would be a great idea to recap, after the tragedy at Planned Parenthood. In case any of our readers haven’t been entirely deadened to mass shootings and might find reminders of that event upsetting, please consider this a warning, and an apology if it seems tactless.

The Free Speech Defense

Surreptitious cell-phone video makes a second appearance this season. A woman is shown on a shaky phone-cam video eating frozen yogurt and talking casually about “harvesting” a “product.” The product, it eventually becomes clear, is specifically parts. Fetus parts. For the price of $100. Ethan, showing the video to Diane, is up on his high horse about this, but Diane argues that it’s for “preserving, packaging and delivering,” not selling, baby parts, and that the video is just propaganda. Ethan argues that Americans only support abortion if they don’t have to face the facts about it. Then they have this mystifying exchange:


Diane: The majority of Americans only support anything if they don’t have to face the fact of it! How the hamburger ended up on their plate…

Ethan: Except this has a face. It’s not an appendix. It’s a human being.


Um… What exactly does Ethan think a hamburger is? A grilled appendix on a bun?

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