A dark room, with Carrie in a brunette wig kneeling and pointing a gun in front of her.

Homeland Recap: 7×12 “Paean To the People”

Well. I very rarely get genuinely mad about plot twists in TV shows unless they involve some kind of sexism (or, OK, really annoying couples getting back together!), but WHAT WAS THAT? This episode starts out really great, then takes a wild left turn into preachy nonsense that also undoes the entire meaning of the season. DISLIKE.

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Carrie holds a gun in front of her, standing on an old-looking stone balcony.

Homeland Recap: 7×11 “All In”

I had high hopes that this episode would involve Carrie going on a really exciting mission, which I feel has been somewhat missing from this season—and I wasn’t disappointed! Things sure speed up a lot when you don’t have to take care of the six-year-old kid you had with your terrorist lover.

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