Rory holds a cup of coffee.

Meet Adversion’s readers: random ‘ships, important questions about Rory and Lorelai’s schedule, and a lot of people who hated Arrival

Hello loyal readers! We know some of you by name or handle–cool internet peeps who subscribe or post or comment, plus, of course, our moms and college roommates.

But who are the OTHER visitors who make up the rest of our [uhm, insert modest number here] visitors a month? The people who maybe stop by once, only to find the perfect listicle–or to be bitterly disappointed? We decided to get to know them… by looking into the search terms that led people here.

Of course there are the expected people who came searching for Dawson’s Creek recaps or that perfect quote from Romy and Michele. But the rest are a fascinating and motley crew. Here is an unofficial and incomplete taxonomy of our search engine visitors:

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A dark room, with Carrie in a brunette wig kneeling and pointing a gun in front of her.

Homeland Recap: 7×12 “Paean To the People”

Well. I very rarely get genuinely mad about plot twists in TV shows unless they involve some kind of sexism (or, OK, really annoying couples getting back together!), but WHAT WAS THAT? This episode starts out really great, then takes a wild left turn into preachy nonsense that also undoes the entire meaning of the season. DISLIKE.

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