The Good Wife


The Good Spinoff: Who CBS Should REALLY Have Paired Off With Christine Baranski: Come on, we all know Lucca was a lame choice.

The Good Wife – A Farewell at the Tribeca Film Festival: The Kings, Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, and Cush Jumbo discussed what really happened to Alicia and Will at Georgetown, their weirdest fan encounters, their thoughts on the finale & more

10 Reasons to Watch The Good Wife Season 7 From “Thicky Trick” to Christine Baranski.


7×1 “Bond”: Alicia learns the ropes of her new gig: bond court.

7×2 “Innocents”: Alicia looks for a new private investigator while representing a boy whose mother once took artistic nude photos of him.

7×3 “Cooked”: Alicia represents a client who may have manufactured illegal drugs; meanwhile, Ruth convinces her to appear on a cooking show with her mother.

7×4 “Taxed”: Alicia tries to help a shoplifter who insists she’s innocent, only to get punished by Judge Schakowski.

7×5 “Payback”: Howard sues for ageism; Lucca and Alicia face off against a for-profit university in arbitration.

7×6 “Lies”: Alicia finds out some uncomfortable facts about Jason’s past; Lockhart Agos goes viral.

7×7 “Driven”: To come

7×8 “Restraint”: Diane defends abortion protesters; Grace helps Alicia and Lucca get some clients.

7×9 “Discovery”: To come

7×10 “KSR”: Alicia and Lucca defend the indefensible; Cary learns how it is to be on the other side of a dramatic exit; and Eli reveals a secret.

7×11 “Iowa”: The Florrick campaign goes on the road, as Alicia deals with the emotional fallout of Eli’s secret.

7×12 “Tracks”: Rowby Canton returns; Marissa tries to knit Eli and Alicia back together; and Monica tries to poach a client from Florrick Quinn while a neighbor tries to have them evicted.

7×13 “Judged”: Alicia sues Schakowsky, and it goes pretty badly.

7×14 “Monday”: Alicia returns to Lockhart Agos and it goes almost as badly as suing a judge.

7×15 “Targets”: Alicia takes part in a secret panel to determine whether to place a terrorist on a kill list.

7×16 “Hearing”: Peter’s grand jury hearing goes forward; Veronica and Owen meet Jason.

7×17 “Shoot”: Peter’s grand jury hearing inches forward as, elsewhere, the show tackles gun violence.

7×18 “Unmanned”: The war between Diane and her male partners heats up, and Alicia makes a big decision.

7×19 “Landing”: The NSA is back and still spying on Alicia; Alicia tells Jason her news.

7×20 “Party”: Alicia holds a ketubah signing party for Jackie and Howard; Zach drops a bombshell; Jason gets skittish.

7×21 “Verdict”: Peter’s trial winds down, and Jason wonders if Alicia will ever leave Peter.

7×22 “End”: As the different sides of Peter’s trial race to get to a plea deal–and to find more evidence on their side–Alicia ponders her future, resurrects an old love, and makes a choice between family and female solidarity.

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