5×1 “Separation Anxiety”: A young hacker named Numan downloads thousands of confidential files from the German government, and all hell breaks loose.

5×2 “The Tradition of Hospitality”: Carrie takes her boss to Lebanon, only to have him nearly killed by a mysterious attack.

5×3 “Super Powers”: Not available

5×4 “Why Is This Night Different”: Saul’s mission to replace a country’s leader is thwarted by a disaster. Allison has a big secret.

5×5 “Better Call Saul”: Saul and Carrie finally reunite — but Quinn escapes, bleeding to death.

5×6 “Parabiosis”: Quinn wakes up to find himself amidst terrorists; Carrie asks Otto for help.

5×7 “Oriole”: Not available

5×8 “All About Allison”: In flashbacks, we learn how Allison was recruited to the Russian side.

5×9 “The Litvinov Ruse”: Saul and Carrie try to trap Allison by spooking her.

5×12 “A False Glimmer”: Carrie faces down terrorists; Quinn faces death.

6×1 “Fair Game”: Carrie defends a young man arrested for making videos that show the other side of various terrorist attacks.

6×2 “The Man in the Basement” Max comes over to babysit Quinn; Carrie gets overzealous trying to help Sekou; Saul suspects Carrie of colluding with the President-Elect.

6×3 “The Covenant” Saul teams up with the Israelis, Dar spies on Carrie, and Carrie tries to fix a mistake.

6×4 “A Flash of Light” Quinn follows a suspicious guy; Sekou gets out of jail, but isn’t sure he can live with the restrictions; Saul tries to figure out if the Iranians are cheating.

6×5 “Casus Belli” Carrie leaves her daughter alone with the paranoid, suffering, PTSD-having, prostitute-hiring man she is secretly in love with. If you think this is going to turn out poorly, you’re … severely underestimating.

6×6 “The Return” Carrie and Conlin team up to look into the suspicious photos.

6×7 “Imminent Risk” As Quinn hangs out in the country with Astrid, the other shoe drops for Carrie, in so many ways.

6×8 “Alt.Truth”  Quinn realizes he can trust Astrid–perhaps too late–and Keane ceases to trust Carrie.

6×9 “Sock Puppets” Max goes into the field, Quinn confronts Dar, and Carrie and Saul try to take down Dar.

6×10 “The Flag House” Quinn finds Black Hat Man, and Carrie has to choose between her daughter and taking down Dar Adal.

6×11 “R is for Romeo” Quinn confronts Carrie; Keane confronts Brett.

6×12 “America First” Carrie and Quinn try to rescue Keane from the plot against her.

7×1 “Enemy of the State” Carrie works with Max and an anonymous source to try to expose Keane’s malfeasance.

7×2 “Rebel Rebel” Carrie gets hacked like a big dummy, and Saul gets a new job.

7×3 “Standoff” If you’re gonna get into an armed dispute with the government, it always pays to be a white man.

7×4 “Like Bad At Things” Carrie and Dante try to manage both their case against Wellington and Carrie’s medication, and the standoff ends very badly.

7×5 “Active Measures” Carrie leads a mission.

7×6 “Species Jump” Saul brings on an old colleague to help with his investigation, while Carrie’s takes a very different turn.

7×7 “Andante” Carrie makes some VERY bad decisions.

7×8 “Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter”: David Wellington fucks everything up, as usual.

7×9 “Useful Idiot”: Carrie makes progress stopping the operation, but at a huge cost.

7×10 “Clarity”: Carrie finally realizes what is best for Franny, while Keane instigates a constitutional crisis.

7×11 “All In”: Carrie goes on a mission.

7×12 “Paean To the People”: Carrie sacrifices herself for Keane, and Keane immediately shits all over it.

8×01 “Deception Indicated”: Carrie finds herself back in Afghanistan on a mission to help Saul, despite not being sure what happened to her in Russian prison.

8×2 “Catch and Release”: Yevgeny gets creepier; Saul gets kidnapped (of course).

8×3 “False Friends”: Carrie meets up with Yevgeny and it’s kind of wild.

8×4 “Chalk One Up”: Just as Saul and Carrie are about to achieve their goal, everything goes to hell.

8×5 “Chalk Two Down”: Max is Carrie and Saul’s last hope to figure out what really happened.

8×6 “Two Minutes”: Carrie asks for Yevgeny’s help finding Max.

8×7 “F**ker Shot Me”: They find Max.

 8×8 “Threnody(s)”: Saul’s faith in Carrie is tested again.

9 “In Full Flight”: Carrie’s search for the flight recorder heats up… so to speak.

8×10 “Designated Driver”: Carrie learns what the flight recorder will cost her.

8×11 “The English Teacher”: Carrie searches for Saul’s secret.

8×12 “Prisoners of War”: It’s not over.