The Good Fight

1×10: “Chaos” Jason Biggs returns as the secret creator of Bitcoin, trying to help stop a cyberterrorism plot; Lucca ends up in custody; Maia tries to be bolder.

1×7 – 1×9 Elsbeth helps take Kresteva down, Boseman fights to keep his managing partnership, Lucca tries to stop Maia from incriminating herself, and more: we caught up on three episodes at once.

1×6: “Social Media and Its Discontents” Neil Gross asks for the firm’s help writing his terms of service. Maia stops trusting her dad.

1×5: “Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate” The Good Fight goes meta-fictional as Reddick Boseman takes a client who put Trump into an episode of TV.

1×4: “Henceforth Known as Property” The firm tries to win a woman’s embryo back after it was wrongfully sold and fertilized; Kresteva investigates the firm.

1×3 “The Schtup List” Diane and Lucca try to keep a doctor out of prison for doing remote surgery on a terrorist; Maia colludes with her dad against Uncle Jacks.

1×1 “Inauguration” and 1×2 “First Week” After losing her savings to a Ponzi scheme, Diane joins a new firm alongside Lucca Quinn and Maia Rindell, daughter of the people implicated in the scheme. The new pilot has potential, but can it be great? Only time will tell.

The Good Spinoff: Who CBS Should REALLY Have Paired Off With Christine Baranski They just had SO MANY other options, you know?