Carrie makes an urgent pleading face as she talks to a man whose face is not visible (Paley) while standing between him and New Quinn.

Homeland Recap: 7×01 “Enemy of the State”

Previously on Homeland: Quinn? Who? What? I’ve never heard of him. The entire previouslies takes place without so much as a mention of the fact that this guy ever existed.

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The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch Project: Season 2, Episodes 4-6

We’re rewatching all of Dawson’s Creek in honor of its twentieth anniversary. Will require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here.

Season 2, Episode 4 “Tamara’s Return”

By Janes

Image: Andie looking at Pacey, Pacey looking flabbergasted towards Tamara

So… I was definitely dreading recapping this episode. The worst thing to happen to the show (which the creator gamely stands by to this day) is back. I know the term “witch” is being reclaimed by feminists right now and I love it, but by the end of this episode I’m just like “Ding, dong, the witch is dead!” Continue reading →