Janes (a True Stan) and Nerdy Spice (a New Fan) are watching all of Buffy together and comparing notes.

Welcome to BuffyWatch: We’re excited.

Season 1, Episodes 1-3: Meet the Scoobies.

Season 1, Episodes 4-6: Buffy skirmishes with several species of evil animals. Remember that praying mantis?!

Season 1, Episodes 7-9: Buffy discovers Angel’s true identity.

Season 1, Episodes 10-12: Buffy wears a white dress.

Season 2, Episodes 1-3: Spike!

Season 2, Episodes 4-6: Buffy’s first Halloween.

Season 2, Episodes 7-9: Xander and Cordy!

Season 2, Episodes 10-12: The kids hatch some evil eggs.

Season 2, Episodes 13-15: Buffy and Angel Do It, with tragic consequences.

Season 2, Episodes 16-18: Bye, Jenny.

Season 2, Episodes 19-20: Shane West! Wentworth Miller!

Season 2, Episodes 21-22: Bye, Angel. (But not really.)

Season 3, Episodes 1-3: Hello, Faith!

Season 3, Episodes 4-6: Hello, Angel! (Again.)

Season 3, Episodes 7-9: Willow-and-Xander shit hits the fan.