The Mindy Project


Some of us optimistically thought we could recap three shows at a time; this was false. So we were incomplete on season 4. (It was only a LITTLE bit because we decided we hated Danny. We swear.)

4×1 “While I Was Sleeping”: Mindy’s imagination runs away with her

4×2 “C is for Coward”: Danny tries to boss Mindy about her birthing plan.

4×3 “Leo Castellano is My Son”: Danny tries to boss Mindy about her parenting style.

4×4 “The Bitch is Back”: Danny tries to boss Mindy into becoming a stay-at-home mom.

4×5 “Stay at Home MILF”: Danny tries to prove he’d be a better stay-at-home mom than Mindy.


I Have Concerns: Thoughts on Season 4 of The Mindy Project Thoughts on the Jody-Danny love triangle.