Westworld: Season 3 — a review? That kinda sucked.

The End of the Finale Was the Best Choice Westworld Could Have Made What makes it so hard for Westworld to write a story in which the patriarchy’s millennia-long grip on story-making, on world-building, on the division between person and object, is finally broken?


Westworld Recap: 1×01 “The Original” The pilot introduces us to Dolores, an android who lives in a fantasy amusement park where rich people come to live out their most violent and sexual dreams of the Wild West; Bernard, the scientist who’s trying to figure out why androids are suddenly behaving in unpredictable ways; and the Man in Black, who is convinced there are deeper levels to the game than just coming by to rape Dolores in the barn all the time like he usually does.

Westworld Recap: 1×02 “Chestnut” Dolores repeats Daddy’s words to Maeve, causing Maeve to have flashbacks to her own first encounter with the Man in Black. Lee writes a new storyline complete with a tribe of “savages,” but Ford has his own idea in mind.

Westworld Recap: 1×03 “The Stray” Elsie and Stubbs go off to hunt a stray host who’s gotten lost in the desert, while Teddy hunts a man from his mysterious backstory named Wyatt and Dolores begins to behave in ways she was never programmed to.

Westworld 1×04: “Dissonance Theory” Dolores joins Billy and Logan on their quest to find a hostage, while Billy struggles with his feelings for her; Maeve tries to figure out the relationship between the white-suited people she remembers seeing, and the “shade” of the local Native Americans’ mythology; Ed breaks out of prison with Hector just to learn some random factoid about a lady’s tattoos.

Westworld Recap: 1×05 “Contrapasso” Meet Cowgirl Dolores, who has shed the blue dress for a kicky Western shoot-em-up outfit. Billy and Logan part ways, and Billy and Dolores head to war with El Lazo; the Man in the Black Hat recruits Teddy to his mission; Elsie discovers someone is stealing data from the park.

Westworld Recap: 1×06 “The Adversary” Teddy breaks bad; Maeve discovers the truth of her existence; Bernard figures out that Ford is even creepier than he seemed; and Elsie gets closer to the truth of the anomalies that have been happening in the park.

Westworld Recap: 1×07 “Trompe L’Oeil” Bernard learns the truth of his existence … but it can’t save him from doing Ford’s evil bidding! Also, Elsie is still missing, and Dolores and William chase their dreams.

Westworld Recap: 1×08 “Trace Decay” Bernard cleans up his mess; Maeve tests out her new powers; Dolores follows Arnold’s voice; and Teddy accidentally joins a new narrative.

Westworld Recap: 1×09 “The Well-Tempered Clavier” Many fan theories are belatedly confirmed, and a few new revelations are made, as Bernard delves into his memories with Ford’s help, and Dolores follows Arnold’s voice to a familiar setting. Meanwhile, Clementine and Hector go down in flames, and William breaks bad.

Westworld Recap: 1×10 “The Bicameral Mind” Maeve’s rebellion begins. Dolores fights all her demons, and discovers whose voice she’s been hearing. We find out the identities of the Man in the Black Hat, and of Wyatt.