Dawson’s Creek Drinking Game Rules: An Update

We’re a season and a half into our Dawson’s Creek Rewatch Project, and our drinking game rules have been serving us very well. (Our entries have ranged from zero to a whopping 29!) However, they were mostly written with the first season in mind, so here are a few updates for upcoming episodes:

1 shot for every vintage Jen Lindley pity party

1 shot for anyone slut-shaming Jen when she hasn’t had sex for 5 or more episodes

2 shots for every time Joey expresses abject terror at the thought of having sex (been there, sister)

Now the question is… what was the 29-shot episode? Which episode quite literally murdered us? If we’re doing it right, it won’t be the worst episode, just the Dawson’s Creek-iest episode, the episode with all of the classic elements that make the show both great and terrible.

And the winner is… (drumroll please)




Beauty Contest!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.41.27 PM

This is totally appropriate. “Beauty Contest” has all of the best and worst that Dawson’s has to offer: Dawson and Joey overanalyzing and mythologizing their “complicated” relationship, Joey talking incessantly about “evolving,” Pacey complaining about being a “black sheep,” and wonderfully on-the-nose metaphorical schoolwork. Plus: bonus points for Joey’s singing, which is truly terrible, and yet always happens during the best episodes of the series.

Close second: “The Scare” at 20 shots, for another classic element of Dawson’s: masturbatory Kevin Williamson references.


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