A white woman (right) with plain makeup and hair opens her mouth as a pretty, well-coifed black woman (left) leans in and presses a red lipstick to her lower lip.


[Dietland 1×01-2] Should I Go Off My Meds For Twenty Grand? Plum writes to Adversion for advice on whether to go on the New Baptist Plan.

[Dietland 1×03] Oh God, THE SHAME. Plum writes to Adversion for advice dealing with the worst withdrawal ever.

[Dietland 1×04] How do I know if he likes-me-likes-me? Plum writes to Adversion for a little love advice.

[Dietland 1×05] Is my friend Kitty kind of evil? We hear from Cheryl, who’s not on board with Kitty’s Machiavellian new interest in radical feminism.

[Dietland 1×06] Should I stick more tiny needles into my face? Kitty is not used to hearing “no.”