Ted Lasso: 2×3 “Do the Right-est Thing”

So, recapping this episode, I had to admit to myself that Ted Lasso is maybe, just maybe, having a wee bit of a sophomore slump. It may surprise regular readers of this blog that I would be loath to criticize a beloved show. But the first season was just SO PERFECT that I’ve been in denial that this season is maybe not so perfect. It’s still really good! They’re trying some new things which is admirable! But some of the things they’re trying are maybe not working out. And two of the things that do not work as well are in this episode, namely: Sam’s protest, and Nora.

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Ted Lasso: 2×2 “Lavender”

The show continues to be a delightful bundle of happiness, but cracks are starting to show in Ted Lasso’s perfection. In this episode, he lets down Sam in a big way, and I don’t know how to feel about it! He also continues to struggle with his feelings about therapy, specifically about his new colleague, Dr. Fieldstone, who is basically his frenemy–someone he’s aggressively trying to befriend despite subconsciously wanting to defeat her.

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Ted Lasso: 2×1 “Goodbye, Earl”

So Ted Lasso has achieved what only Friday Night Lights has ever achieved, and that is make me interested in a show about sports other than ballet, cheerleading, ice skating or gymnastics. Basically, in my opinion, sports that involve people throwing or kicking balls at each other are extremely boring and so a show has to be GREAT to get past that. In fact, it has to, as Roy Kent puts it, “make me feel like I’ve been struck by fucking lightning.”

Which Ted Lasso did! And since Apple is oh-so-cruelly releasing only one episode a week of season 2, I’ve decided to do some good old-fashioned real-time recapping/reviewing. Am I two weeks behind already? Yes, oh well. Will I catch up? Yes. Probably.

And, here we go!

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BuffyWatch: Season 5, Episodes 4-6

Janes (a True Stan) and Nerdy Spice (a New Fan) are watching all of Buffy together and comparing notes.

Season 5, Episode 4 “Out of My Mind”

Buffy is patrolling on a particularly vampire-heavy night, staking vamp after vamp, but just as she’s getting into a rhythm, Riley tackles the vampire she’s fighting. “What are you doing here?” he asks, stupidly. “My job??” she says, clearly annoyed. Another vamp shows up, and before Buffy can fight him, Spike jumps in! “Why do I even bother to show up?” Buffy mutters. Hee.

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Homeland Recap: 8×10 “Designated Driver”

Previously on Homeland: Carrie got a ride from an old contact named Arman; Tasneem blamed Balach, Haqqani’s right hand, for letting Jalal take over the Taliban; Balach told Jalal that Haqqani had wanted peace; Carrie tricked poor incompetent Jenna into revealing the location of the safe house, then had the American team there arrested by Pakistani authorities to buy herself time; Tasneem decided the best way to protect her country was to protect Jalal; General Aziz amassed vehicles on the border with nukes in them; and Carrie got the flight recorder, but Yevgeny tranquilized her and took it from her. (You’ll remember he took a slight break first to make out with her, but that doesn’t get into the previouslies, sadly.)

Credits. For some reason the closed captioners attribute Saul’s voiceover lines during the credits to Saul, but when Quinn yells, “Is there no fucking line?” they just quote him as “[man]”. Um, rude!

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Oscars 2021: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

Normally, around this time of year, I would be lodging many complaints about who was nominated at the Oscars: too white, too male, too many white male biopics. But this is not a normal year in any sense. Most of the traditional Oscar bait was pushed off until we can see it in theaters again, which means that most of the nominees are more indie, and, in my opinion, more deserving than usual. Stories that usually wouldn’t gain traction with the Academy–movies made by and about women, biopics about lesser-known and more radical pockets of history, smaller stories about fringe subcultures and the lives of American immigrants–are now set to sweep the Oscars on Sunday night.

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