The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch: Season 3, Episodes 13-15

We’re rewatching all of Dawson’s Creek in honor of its twentieth anniversary. Will require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here.

Season 3, Episode 13 “Northern Lights”

By Nerdy Spice

Pacey is getting ready for his big theatrical debut that we’re all supposed to care about even though the whole thing only started last episode, and he assumes Joey is coming to opening night, but she has to admit that she’s going to a date with AJ on opening night. “COLLEGE GUY?” shrieks Pacey. He declares that AJ wants to get into the “Potter pantalones” (God, this kid kills me! He’s so funny!) but Joey is hellbent on her intellectual new manfriend, and Pacey is obliged to make his theatrical debut on his own.

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