Rayna looks freaked out while an angry man behind her holds onto her and a gun points towards them both.

Taking The Leap: Our All-Time Top (or Bottom) Jumping-the-Shark Moments

You may or may not have noticed that we have stopped recapping Nashville, and it’s not because we’re lazy and/or behind (although that’s often the case). It’s because–and we’re sad to say this–Nashville has jumped the shark, an especially impressive feat for a show that was already about feuding country singers. So instead of recapping a show that has become too ridiculous even for our teen-soap-loving sensibilities, we’re going down the list of the best (or, more accurately, worst) jumping-the-shark moments that we’ve seen on television.

There are only three (loose) rules for something to qualify as jumping-the-shark: 1) It has to be f*cking ridiculous, in direct proportion to how ridiculous the show was to begin with; 2) it should preferably be a ratings ploy; and 3) it has to mark the point-of-no-return that begins a downward spiral, an evolution into a significantly stupider and/or offensive show that we never would have watched if we weren’t already attached to the characters. Enjoy.

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Links We Loved This Week — 12/16/16

He was wonderful on Growing Pains, but let’s also take a moment to remember how funny Alan Thicke was on How I Met Your Mother:

Nashville premieres on January 5th on CMT. Connie Britton gives an interview with the New York Times where she is way more honest than you’d usually expect an actress to be, candidly evaluating the past few seasons of Nashville as being too soapy (which… I think was part of the pleasure of it). There’s also a bit where she talks about not having gotten into the business as a “beauty queen” and thus not having to freak out about aging (she’s 49), which is amusing because I think many people think of her as one of the most beautiful actresses out there, and that has only increased as she’s aged, rather than decreased.

Emmy Rossum’s fight for pay equity on Shameless was successful. Love what William H. Macy had to say in her support, too! (via Vogue)