Ted Lasso: 2×9 “Beard After Hours”

You guys, I’m not even going to pretend I’m putting a lot of effort into this recap. It’s a Beard-centric filler episode, which should strike boredom into the hearts of even more pro-Beard viewers than I. But as for me, I have already established that I am incapable of finding Beard compelling as a character, and this episode, in which Beard wanders around for a night getting into trouble, did nothing to change it. It just made me mad that I had waited all week for a continuation of plotlines I’d grown truly invested in–Jamie’s quest to become a worthwhile human being, Rebecca’s bizarre thing with Sam, Ted’s therapy with Dr. Sharon–but instead I had to spend forty-five minutes watching something completely unrelated. Gah.

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Ted Lasso: 2×6 “The Signal”

When the episode starts, Ted is being ridiculously friendly, throwing jokes to everyone. I was thinking to myself, “OK, we get it! He loves to crack jokes! He’s nice! He’s just what we need during the pandemic, BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Luckily I read a review of an earlier episode on NPR that points out that Ted’s friendliness feels off, that it’s become too much, and that’s what I’m reacting to. It’s a very good point and I wish I had thought of it myself! In the midst of all this joke-cracking, there’s a seemingly throwaway moment where Ted gets a call from his son’s school that Henry forgot his lunch, but of course he can’t do anything about it. It’s easy to forget about it because Ted so quickly snaps back into his usual rhythm. Until, that is, it all breaks down later in the episode.

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Ted Lasso: 2×3 “Do the Right-est Thing”

So, recapping this episode, I had to admit to myself that Ted Lasso is maybe, just maybe, having a wee bit of a sophomore slump. It may surprise regular readers of this blog that I would be loath to criticize a beloved show. But the first season was just SO PERFECT that I’ve been in denial that this season is maybe not so perfect. It’s still really good! They’re trying some new things which is admirable! But some of the things they’re trying are maybe not working out. And two of the things that do not work as well are in this episode, namely: Sam’s protest, and Nora.

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Ted Lasso: 2×2 “Lavender”

The show continues to be a delightful bundle of happiness, but cracks are starting to show in Ted Lasso’s perfection. In this episode, he lets down Sam in a big way, and I don’t know how to feel about it! He also continues to struggle with his feelings about therapy, specifically about his new colleague, Dr. Fieldstone, who is basically his frenemy–someone he’s aggressively trying to befriend despite subconsciously wanting to defeat her.

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Ted Lasso: 2×1 “Goodbye, Earl”

So Ted Lasso has achieved what only Friday Night Lights has ever achieved, and that is make me interested in a show about sports other than ballet, cheerleading, ice skating or gymnastics. Basically, in my opinion, sports that involve people throwing or kicking balls at each other are extremely boring and so a show has to be GREAT to get past that. In fact, it has to, as Roy Kent puts it, “make me feel like I’ve been struck by fucking lightning.”

Which Ted Lasso did! And since Apple is oh-so-cruelly releasing only one episode a week of season 2, I’ve decided to do some good old-fashioned real-time recapping/reviewing. Am I two weeks behind already? Yes, oh well. Will I catch up? Yes. Probably.

And, here we go!

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