Carrie's angry face is seen from below, with messy hair and an intense expression, against a dark interior background.

Homeland Recap: 7×02 “Rebel Rebel”

The previouslies still don’t include Quinn—but the credits now contain snippets of him, both audio and visual, which I find interesting. Including something about him saying for her to think of him as a beacon–which I don’t think we’ve seen yet, so maybe we’re in for a posthumous letter from Quinn? Another one? Also, at least half of the snippets in the credits involve Carrie’s condition rather than the political/spying-related stuff.

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Links We Loved This Week — 4/28/17

The internet is super excited about Hulu’s new adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale (as are we, and not just because Rory is in it, we swear).

We missed this when it first came out a couple weeks ago: Brian Edwards penned a nuanced exploration of Homeland‘s attempts this season to interrogate and perhaps undo the Orientalism it hath already wrought, and the “double bind” it faces by still needing to play on our suspense and anxieties. Very worth reading. (at the LA Review of Books)

The SCP Foundation just wrapped its contest for writing SCP-3000. If you haven’t come across the Foundation before in your Internet itinerations, you can think of it as a collaboratively-written X-Files—the contest is a particularly interesting way to see how something like that comes together. summarizes season 1 of ER in one headline per episode. There are many gems, but my favorite is “Oh My God We Get It Jen And Mark Like To Fuck (Not That The Interminable “Ma Benton Needs To Go In A Home” Arc That Starts Here Is Much Of An Improvement).”