It’s Our Birthday!

This blog has officially been in existence for one year, since we published our intro post on August 28, 2015. It’s been a fun year for Adversion. Every week we get together at a local cafe and work on our posts and argue about Gilmore Girls. And we’ve published some things we’re really proud of, from fanwanky TV recaps to “short” posts on whatever we’re reading that week (that often turn into essay-length screeds).

Here are the top ten most popular posts we’ve published in our first year:

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Tribeca Film Festival Review: Equals

Just prior to screening his newest film, Equals, at the Tribeca Film Festival, Drake Doremus told the audience that he was “not an intellectual filmmaker, but an emotional one,” and left us with this piece of advice for watching the movie: “Turn off your heads and turn on your hearts.” Continue reading →