It’s Our Birthday!

This blog has officially been in existence for one year, since we published our intro post on August 28, 2015. It’s been a fun year for Adversion. Every week we get together at a local cafe and work on our posts and argue about Gilmore Girls. And we’ve published some things we’re really proud of, from fanwanky TV recaps to “short” posts on whatever we’re reading that week (that often turn into essay-length screeds).

Here are the top ten most popular posts we’ve published in our first year:

  1. Homeland Recap: 5×12 “A False Glimmer”: This recap went semi-viral amongst Homeland fans heartbroken over Peter Quinn’s maybe-possibly-actually-just-kidding-he’s-totally-alive demise. We wrote, “for a long time I found that relationship very compelling, precisely because in fact Carrie’s capacity for love is much less strong and more tinged with darkness than Quinn’s. The fact that his conscience is so tortured makes him seem darker, but was in fact evidence that there still remained much that was soft inside him.”
  2. 88 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Revenant: We wrote a send-up of The Revenant, with such musings as, “There’s now a woman getting raped against a tree. That’s what Bechdel was talking about, right?”
  3. Noah Solloway’s Great American Thriller Come to Life: A short post on the similarities between Noah Solloway’s book on The Affair and an actual novel published recently seems to be popular mostly because a lot of people on the internet are confused about whether or not there is a real Noah Solloway out there writing literary thrillers. (There’s not, guys. Sorry to disappoint.)
  4. ROOM’s Metamorphosis from Feminist Critique to Oscar-fied Inspiration Porn: We wrote, “Any critique of societal ideals of motherhood was exorcised in favor of a wholly unobjectionable, generic, ‘inspirational’ film.”
  5. The Huntsman: Winter’s War Is a Movie, and These Are Things That Happen In It: The title is probably the kindest sentence in our review, in which we make fun of this movie solely by describing what happens. Such descriptions include: “Emily Blunt rides up in metallic silver shoulder pads. While casually riding a polar bear” and “ROBOTIC OWL DRONE MADE OF ICE.”
  6. Tribeca Film Festival Review: Equals: Our review of this Kristen Stewart indie film comes to the conclusion that “several glaring flaws in the script prevent Equals from reaching the gut-wrenching heights to which it aspired.”
  7. The 100 Recap: 3×07 “Thirteen”: This was THE episode. The one that burned down the internet.
  8. The Good Wife – A Farewell at the Tribeca Film Festival: We attended a panel with Julianna Margulies, the Kings, Matt Czuchry, and Cush Jumbo bidding good-bye to one of the best shows of all time. Julianna Margulies said of Alicia, “Every day I was challenged as an actor to play her.”
  9. The Ethics of The Game: How The Big Short Can Teach Us To Appreciate Mockingjay: We wrote about the essential conservatism of The Big Short, as compared to the essential radicalism of the pacifist The Hunger Games.
  10. The 100 Recap: 3×04 “Watch the Thrones”: The episode Lexa proves she’s the biggest BAMF in town. With accompanying gifs.

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