We’re on hiatus! But we’ll be back :)

Hello dear readers! We’ve been on hiatus for a couple of weeks now, but I’m only writing this now because–well, usually we feel like we’re just writing into the void (and for our lovely mothers, who read every post).

But one of our readers was kind enough to ask where we’ve been, so I’ll tell you–Adversion had a baby! Or, more accurately, two of us had a baby, and the third now has a baby niece. I know you’re dying to hear about her, so I will tell you: she is a human child. She has a Social Security number and everything.

Welcome to the world, Adversion baby! And to our readers: thank you for reading, and we’ll be back soon 🙂


  1. That explains it! Your mom has company because I also read EVERYTHING you guys write. It is my favorite part of my work day – I permit myself one Buffy recap during my break.
    But….. it’s been Spike’s unconscious face for weeks now…. (no complaining there by the way) so I was waiting and waiting….
    As a mom, I know the burdens of a new born, so I fear you won’t be back until 2021 🙂
    But above all, congratulations!! Welcome to the world Adversion Baby!

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